Seriously, it’s not even bloody 8 am and that guy is taking a picture of my tits, nice way to start the day with a bit of objectification. What an ass… Doesn’t he think I have enough of the sly look at the office? The guys not looking in your eyes and smiling like fucking morons, they think i can’t hear how they speak differently to my friends and all yucky sweet honey in their voice, I choose honey not because it is sweet but because it sticks on you all day long.

I like my clothes, it is bloody 32 degrees outside, I won’t wear pants and turtleneck. Seriously man, let me go to work and don’t give me bad vibes so early… I have a life too, what are you going to do now, go home and jerk off at my picture, thinking I will enjoy the lame fuck you give me. I don’t love you okay, fuck a turkey it’s thanksgiving, she will like it more than me, she may move more than me. Fucking asshole. I can’t believe you are doing that to me, psycho ! I wish i could take your expensive camera and shove it up your ass, that would be fun… Now you get me thinking, yes come and meet me and i’ll show your camera your real insight, so you wanna play ?

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