you are everything, everything…

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“Tu sei la prima donna del primo giorno della Creazione. Sei la madre, la sorella, l’amante, l’amica, l’angelo, il diavolo, la terra, la casa… Ah, ecco cosa sei: la casa! “

i first heard it in a night with too much excesses, too much noise, people, intentions and failures. i used to have a lot of those nights and then i decided to stop going out, if i had to waste my day in bed, i rather doing it with a books than a supply of aspirin; but i have never been always that wise. back to Marcello, he was lucky, he thought he found her the perfect woman: mother, sister, lover, friend, angel, devil, earth and house. well if i knew that this sentence would screw up many of my people lives.

i love people, they fascinate me sometimes scare me a little, but they never let me uninterested… and women are the most interesting, they are intriguing, dangerous, beautiful…never understand why people are trying to flatten the differences between men and women, i celebrate those differences, a woman is the perfect match to my strength and weakness if you find that piece of the puzzle matching you. me i didn’t but i wanted to be happy, so i build it myself (not the woman, the puzzle piece)….i started with the lover, then added the angel, then the devil, then the sister, then the mother and eventually the house, i loved all of them, but it was at the same time, i know that like that it doesn’t sound so nice i hear the voices how could you love so many women at the time, and i’ll spare you answers such as i have a lot of love to give, or such stupidity. i was lazy and weak, i didn’t search i patched it together. indeed i have enough love for the perfect woman in my eyes, but i decided to spread it over several because it was easier(if you ignore the logistics aspect of it)…now i know, i can look back at that time with a chuckle and say how stupid i was…but i know the truth, i have used them to fulfil my romantic dream of a perfect woman, la prima donna del primo giorno, the first woman of the first day.

something is just not functioning right, how can i be that guy who intervene when a man-beast mistreat a women and at the same time doing emotional offenses on the ones who loved me, i am sorry, it was a long time ago, and since i have found the perfect woman…and she is such a perfection that everyday she made me pay my past weaknesses, i found the one marcello hasn’t l’angelo della redenzione, she is the one who doesn’t love me