Look at this phoney with his camera, don’t you dare take a shot at me. I swear to you, if you put hand on it, I’ll bark at you XXIV style. What a punk, must be a faggot, fucking faggots, like to suck cocks uh mate ? Want mine ? uhm that doesn’t sound right. whatever he pissed me off. Little man. Tonight when you offer your butt cheeks, I’ll be offering the almighty me to those girls at the bar…. man they seem to really dig me, all nice and smiles, they want to know about me, my job, if i have a house….they really seem to care. Not like back home, all whores there. They think i don’t know, marry you then become witch with a capital b… no more of that game with those whores. They took everything, just because i was a bit cunt-faced and i didn’t mean doing that to her. I know I bark, but they say that barking dogs don’t bite. I thought i was top dog, well I know now they were lying or being general or maybe talking about real dogs. Those girls here seem to not care that much, I can be full blow XXIV style with them, they are ok and the money is really for their family. They are not like the whores at home. Two of them are really in love with me, i can tell. They offered me everything, maybe i’ll pay one for her passport and a trip back home. Sounds reasonable. Ok she looks young but that is in the genes here, they say asian girls look 18 until 45, then they look 70… That’s Bill joke, funny guy, ex-convict here, really dig him. He can’t go home because of false rape charges, he is really a mate. What a night i am going to have again, i really like this place, it’s like home but better, if only the food was not so damn smelly….

Post reflection: i am sorry for you, some social media providers decided to shut you down, they are not ready yet but i am