Why do i care about reading ? They taught me in school: knowledge is power, power is money. No one told me about life… they tell you about having one, but never about losing it.

They look at me, surprised that i can read… hey fucker, i used to be like you! yes, every morning, going to make money, kissing my wife and kids in the morning, pay for the house and the kid dresses. You look at me like I am dirt, hey you ! with the camera, you think i like it that you steal my soul ? you want to be me ? don’t be me now, it is not the best, be with me when i told her goodbye forever while she wore the dress i paid for, be me when they took them away because i found peace in abuse, so that i can stop crying for a couple of hours. Be me, when they tell you you can’t stay there and we are going to take care of you.

Ha ! I read in your papers, the big names who died of the same abuse. Hey, but they were nice people, just depressed, it’s ok for them to find death in the needle, but for me, no you won’t let me. Took me everything so that i can protect my life. Cunts, I am better now. I don’t have to worry to be you again.

I am much better than you, I am not afraid of losing everything.