every picture is a story

7 chakras are said to rule the human soul,  their symbolism was extensively used by Carl Jung on his interpretation of the human psyche

  • muladhara  or root chakra : source of life energy, represent strength
  • svadisthana  or sacral chakra: sexual desire, needs to create
  • manipura  or solar plexus chakra: sense of self, intent and purposes
  • anahata  or heart chakra: love, self-control, bridge from animal chakras to spiritual
  • visuddha  or throat chakra: communication and dream, first upper chakra
  • ajna / 3rd eye chakra: awareness, intuition, guts feeling, the brain
  • sahasrara / crown chakra: bliss

you can amuse yourself looking at the chakras at play in those personalities: visual stories

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