every picture is a story

they are my people, i don’t know them, they don’t know me. i am trying to reach and listen to their soul, as one of them say, i am sure i am wrong but at least i have tried. they are beautiful people, they are angry, in love, anxious, full of hope and dreams, they are fantastic, they live fully their life.

someone told me their stories were dark-ish, i disagree… those stories come from the core, from the big bang of their soul, where darkness and brightness cohabits. some of them are dark touched by brightness, others are bright touched by darkness. i love all of them even if sometimes i don’t like them

please don’t judge them, they are struggling, seeking, looking for answers, you see they think, and not all of us can say the same

After meeting all of them, you can meet more of my people in the chakra stories

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