after being punished by the social media company for my (so) provocative post (no it was not, you can judge here) i did the stupid thing i have been doing all my life, i didn’t care (i am not saying you should, but i am not saying you shouldn’t either).

i would love to say that one of my subject or model rebelled against me, but it would be a lie, someone rebelled but he was a flat(someone who doesn’t attract my lens), he was not even a background silhouettes (don’t feel belittled by that, they are important, they are the contrast i need, like the shade to the body (the background silhouette not the flats, flats can feel belittled) (and i can already hear the vigilante of style on my usage of parentheses, but i have done bigger style sins that that one))).

while the man behind the lens does what he likes the most: hiding behind a lens, a man full of anger and no signs of love (which is a pity since his eyes were the color of a clear blue sky at noon, but there is a danger here for the lens, noon light is the enemy).

i am an observer not a listener, so i remember more his face than his words but it roughly went like that:

flat: do you have permit to take picture?

lens man: good afternoon (he was rude but he looked angry and lost(my mum always taught me to be nice to rude people, two wrongs don’t make a right))

flat: do you have permit to take picture?

lens man: i don’t need permit to take picture in public place (to be fair i am irresponsible, and never asked myself if i needed one, the only permits i ask are when i am caught by my subject, and i show them the picture and so far they have always smiled – i am lucky none were blur(which is very lucky since i don’t like perfect focus, and always like a bit of blur))

flat: oh yes you do, they are a lot of police in plain clothes and i don’t think they would like to see their pictures taken by you (bear with me on that one: first thought was: Alex Jones or David Icke, then ‘if a police is in plain clothes and i took his picture, why would he revealed himself being from the police, not that much cloaking would it be?’ )

lens man: …, hmmmm, …. (i really don’t know what to say), … don’t worry i haven’t taken picture of you (he looked annoyed, i hope it was because he realized he was a flat and not because i didn’t follow his theory, but in all honesty i think it was the latter)

flat: do you live here, do you have a permit to stay here (he likes permit very much i noticed, the kind of guy who only does a u-turn when it is explicitly authorized: i am more of “no u-turn” signs, he is “u-turn” sign person)

lens man: yes i do (we both are foreigners on a land far from home, but i guess there have been 21 wars in 600 years between our two countries, so we bring the fight everywhere)

flat: can i see it? (now i am no more amused)

lens man: uh, no. are you from the police ?

flat: uh, yes

lens man: can i see your ID ?

flat: i have asked you a question first (which i replied, just for the record) . will you be ok if i bring a policeman (i did say sure, but he didn’t (bring a policeman)). i am just doing you a favor (you know when someone says that, that they don’t)

lens man: 20 years of taking picture, and i have to say that you are the first who complained about my terrorist acts, no one before you was really scared of me, i was really starting to think i am a really bad photographer, thank you sir

flat: 20 years? and you never have problems? you are lucky, very lucky

lens man: i guess it helped that i looked like no one (i know i shouldn’t), now you make me regret that i didn’t take your picture (i really shouldn’t have)

i’ll spare you the rest about “in the USA, you have rights, here there are only laws, don’t give a bad face to foreigners in this country, etc.” 2nd time people take me for an american in 3 weeks, oddly no americans ever did, my accent always give me away

i have to thank him and it is too bad i have never got his name, he decided to leave after few minutes of silence, while i keep looking at his pure eyes; and i was thinking that i really would like to have eyes like him, they looked sad but were angry. those eyes can disguise emotions, how great, unless sadness and anger come from the same place, if it is the case then his eyes are just as good as mine.

i would like to think that i was an agent provocateur and that my art was disturbing enough to bring revolution up and tyranny to its knees, that i needed to have a permit to exercise my dangerous behaviour (like a u-turn), but it all shattered when someone who was looking at us came to me and said “what a cunt, this guy”, then i shrug and thought “all right, i need to work more”