water touches everything and holds nothing, i like it when i can feel the strength it has when you shake it and how peaceful it gets when still. the pleasure it gives me when i am  in it, no wonder baptisms happens in water, like the birth coming out of the water. yet it is everywhere and yet it holds nothing, it would kill you like it would save you depending on many conditions, yet it touches everything and holds nothing. i guess you noticed i like this image, but many dangers lie under, talk to my grand-dad who lost his feet in the river, he says with a spark in the eyes how the river had teeth suddenly and it was hungry and like Chinese food.

i think you could say that water is creation, you can’t have anything without water, and water is hard to create. water produces, water stimulate, water makes wake up in the middle if you have too much of it, or not enough. yet when i am high on stim, i don’t want it, i don’t need it, i don’t know why. are those drugs blocking creation or have enough creation in them which makes water irrelevant, hey i am not stupid it is the former i know. but drugs can be cool, sometimes… it is like i am telling my girlfriend when she wants to walk in the rain, i told her yeah it is cool for 3 mins then the 27 next mins are real misery. drugs are like that. anyway that was long time ago. now i want to do something, i can play the guitar a bit but no one listens… you see i don’t like to play other people music, so when i strum a tune no one knows and they ask me to play wonderwall, i am just put down the guitar. they don’t understand, it’s ok. they like what they are conditioned for, not my problem really. i still have a job carrying bottles, look at this guy on the street i better give him some cash