every picture is a story

she is the eyes, her slender body is just an excuse that nature gave to carry her eyes.

those eyes don’t look at you, they possess your soul, they lure you and trap you in a game field. the gorgon medusa learn about fearing those.

don’t think you are a worthy opponent, you are not, you will be ridiculed

for me they are an ocean of love and unjust fights, wounded but never defeated

for you they are a challenge that you must win, but deep inside you know you will not

she has seen so much losses, so much of death and life, so much of happiness and misery, so much of freedom and entrapment, too much of it for many of us

she has lived and died so many times, so many lives were hers until she finally awakes and embrace only one, but the one she has chosen no more of those given to her

she is the one to choose, you are the one hoping to be picked

but don’t be a fool, being picked is a damnation, being picked means you will never forget how you disappointed those eyes

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