death is less fun when you are scared

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Do birds realize what is happening to them when they get shot? do they know they got shot or they suddenly wonder why is there a red stain on their wings…i hope they don’t know, i rather die curious than already knowing it is the end.. fear will kill the whole discovery experience. kind of dull…

why people are afraid of death, i embrace it, it is like a blur deadline. encouraging you to do all the things you wanted to do before closing your eyes forever… trick is you don’t know when… it passed by me so many times, yet i still haven’t done anything. lazy maybe, immortal surely. it is funny how we can’t stop finding ourselves way to not create or evolved, computer games, console games, phone games, trash tv series, binge drinking, anything really to stop us. Like art or creativity are anchors to the evolution of the species, thanks Darwin, you did make sure we spend our time to procreate instead of create…i am joking, i know you didn’t invent evolution merely observed and explained it. Really only Christians will call you the inventor of evolution, bigots, fucking bigots and hypocrite. But atheists as well in certain way have similar bigotry, why would they debate each others, who cares about fanatic or extremist debating, come on, we only look at it because it is entertaining, not to change our mind. come on, give us credit, we are not always agreeing to the last man speaking. it is just another way to make all of us waste time and missing the biggest goal. It is too easy really to make us sheep. now birds…do they know they have been shot or are they amazed by the red stain growing on their wing….