Ladies night ? Am I a bait? Using me to attract the predators?

Am i a whore to you? And a cheap one on top of that… Feed me cheap free wine, so the predators can come and pay you to play with their preys.

Have you ever been grabbed, groped, looked like a mars bar for your instant gratification? Do you think i will bow to your god cock because you are born with one. Do you think that the only thing i like in you is your sweat and nasty alcoholic breath ? That your eyes will make me open my sacral chakra so that you can put your sweat all over me and your cum all in me, just to flatter the male in you. Fuck you

I don’t want to be treated like the animal you are… respect my differences. You are no man, just an ape with less hair.

A man is not a tribal dancer, nor a peacock, a gorilla, eyes, cock and balls

But you don’t need to understand, you won’t meet any there at 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm on Wednesday rape night