They warned me, they did…. why was i so stupid? why didn’t i listen. you see i was fourteen, you don’t tell a fourteen years old kid to not do something. You shouldn’t even give a hint that digression is so wrong that it could be entertaining. I mean the river has never been nasty to me before, ok you didn’t know but everyday after school we were all going there. It was so refreshing and cool to feel the mud between our toes, maybe not always after school, maybe sometimes instead of school too… But the river was like a friend, it was not nasty, i couldn’t imagine that it could have ever been hungry. for sure it was never thirsty, ha ha ha, you see i still laugh, alone, sometimes. It wasn’t thirsty but apparently it was tired of just flowing, and wanted to have feet too. I always had great feet, i could be running for miles, barefoot, never had pain and the river made sure i would never had pain after. They should have told me the river had teeth and it was hungry and it had taste like the fair people in the north eating chicken feet. But the river wasn’t fair to me, it took them in one second. I didn’t feel anything. I had feet, and then i didn’t. Anyway world change like that suddenly, one moment you have something then you dont, or, you don’t have anything then you have, like my grand-daughter keeps on saying before asking her mum if she looks fat.