He is special, when he smiles his whole face smiles, the sparks in his eyes is like fire melting snow. He is the one… I really love him. He cares about me, he is sweet, not very handsome but the handsome ones don’t stay long like trying to jump to higher ground using you as a trampoline… The handsome are no good, they always feel that their beauty is enough for a woman. But mine now he cares about me, he wants to protect me, it is cute because he will need to find the path to the gym first. But he tries. He is funny, he gives me space when he plays on his phone or his computer while I clean the house, or when i read alone in bed. Ok, ok, ok I hear you girls…he is not perfect but he is not bad you know. My friend at the office was complaining this morning about this guy just taking a picture of her tits. Well that never happens to me for sure. Anyway i will be 30 soon, and my family keeps on thinking I am a lesbian or worst because I haven’t given them a grand-child. Seriously, they only see me as a baby factory. The only thing they care about is me reproducing, but maybe i found the right one. He is little shy, but cute with his glasses, if only he could stop playing game when we eat together. But perfection is rare, I’ll take what life gives me. We have been going out for almost a year now, sharing the flat for 6 months. We never fight, even when i push him a bit he stays quiet and silent, like he is scared of me. He doesn’t like when i go out, so i kind of stopped going out with my friends. I miss them, we used to drink together and eat barbecue on the street, it was fun, it was long time ago. I wonder what happened to them, I am sure they are fine, this must be why they stopped calling. Be focus ! I want a baby to shut the mouth of my family, and maybe after i can go out with my friends again. Yeah, he will be a great dad, and he likes to play with games so they can play together while I go out sometimes but not too often. But how can i tell him that i wish he was playing with me instead of his phone, how can i tell him that baby can’t be made with a phone, how can i tell him that i want him in me.