have i just turned an old ass?

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so bored, this morning i left the phone in the hotel room, after 30 mins i realized that its weight was missing from right pocket, and you know what ? i panicked…. like i woke up and realize that half my organs were missing…what happened to me, to us…. don’t you peeps remember how it was before… when i was your age… i wasn’t in this country i was in mine, but things shouldn’t have been so different. 3 channels on TV, evening movie time was depending on the length of the news, so you were watching the news and not only reading about the things that you want to hear about, you were exposed to all and man i discovered a lot of things i wouldn’t have looked by myself, now I can’t discover any more I am only getting an expert in the domain i choose, vertical digging vs horizontal discovery… is that only me or ? we are customizing the world to our comfort zone, my world is not the same as yours but i’ll never know it since we don’t communicate any more.

Ha ! communication, let’s talk how screwed it got…i mean those phones are making us volunteer slave of marketing entities…hold on, don’t judge me as being an antisocial or old fart who refused to embrace progress… don’t get me wrong, i like my portable internet device, makes my life easier generally but so fucking inconsiderate. i am not young, i come from a time (some may say a different planet) where you knew people phone number by heart, you were not starting a call with ‘where are you?’ unless you were a complete psycho, list of possible answer to the taunting ‘where are you?’ : my room, the shitter next to my room or the kitchen if i had one of this very long cable (problem was everyone noticing a cable going under the toilet room couldn’t stop invading your privacy…he he…. other times, fun times) it reminds me the day i wanted to roll a joint in the middle page of playboy magazine and decided to jerk off instead…didn’t lock the door, mum stepped in, no one believes how lucky i was (thanks Jeanne from the issue 176, thanks to you my mum thought i was oversexed instead of a pothead, genuine thanks). Ha memories, it was good time… no selfies, all these memories with no evidence, no revenge porn, no sex tape and shit like that, it was fun.and yes i remember now, people were on time and plans were made weeks in advance. you were not showing up on time at the place decided, then too bad, we wouldn’t wait for you and if we are gone, you are fucked, go home and jerk off… those were fun time