love supreme bass

every time i see her i feel like Coltrane’s Love Supreme, my heart beats matching the double bass thumb…before my day finally takes off…before seeing her, i am just waiting for her and when she is gone i only long her… i am old enough to have seen a lot of different relationships, pure sex where a partner is only used for gratification, then procreation where one is a baby maker and then the materialistic ones where partners are mere providers… don’t tell me you have never been in at least two of them, if you are telling the truth watch out for the next person you fall in love with. i believe you need to go through those stages to finally love. you think i will start to sound lame and corny, but read me first and judge me as much as you want (don’t worry i am fair and i will judge you the way i desire too, ha)

love is about letting your ego go, some people say that they are the hero of their life, being in love means being the hero of someone else’s life too and it ain’t easy. not many people like to share the leading role, then  you have to accept to be supporting role, which is fine really when you are in love. if you are not ready for this sacrifice then you are in a lesser relationship (see above). being in love is about accepting but without being stupid, about understanding without judging but correcting when needed, acceptance without abandon, it is about shutting up sometimes (not easy) and let the other shines too, it is about not being upset if they don’t reciprocate but keep away from being abused, love is like pouring all your savings in an expensive sport car and let the other one drives regardless of their skills as long as they have a driving license, you can be in love but adhere to your principles, things never get better if you don’t attend to them and more than anything don’t force yourself to love by fear of loneliness.

love test: look at the other one in the eyes during a fight and say “i love you but i don’t like you right now, let’s talk”

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