seriously i didn’t do anything wrong, why did she get so angry… i mean i come back from work, i had a nasty day pretending to like what i do, to like people around me, like 9/10 hours every week day of pretending – hey this is my real job – pretending to know what i am doing. If they knew only, i do nothing all day, who gives a toss anyway, my boss is the same, and his bosses boss the same. It is a miracle that we have so many people doing nothing and the company can still afford to pay us, sometimes i wonder who is doing the real work. It would be fun to do like a science experiment, we remove one by one every pieces until we find the one essential – for sure i know it’s not me… but i won’t tell them. What do i know about routers and CPU and GPU and every fuckPU you can find. Do people buy these stuffs ? i am in sales and i have never met someone buying any one of these, i wouldn’t buy it myself, not sure what it does…. shame ? for what ? they interviewed and hired me, they wanted me, they offer me a job, i didn’t beg for it, i barely answer their ads…ads this is another thing i don’t get…like they have to advertise for the job they offer, because it is really basically shit so they ‘advertise’ it, like the phones on the wall, no one will buy if it wasn’t advertise, same with the job… they beg you to join, they ‘advertise’ for such a great company it is and how they will make you special and rich and smart, work for us and you will steve jobs… i can’t believe that some people go for it. me ? why do you think i do it, what do you think, the cash of course. i am 29, i have friends, i have expenses (who doesn’t), used to or still have a girl i am not sure. if i want a drink, i have to pay for it, all the fun a 29 years could get none is for free… so yes, i bowed to them like 9/10 hours a day on weekday. i don’t care, it’s a job only, it’s not me. they make me laugh the excited ones, the ones praising the bosses or the company, the same ones who likes team building and shit like that, they are like dogs trying to impress their masters ready to beat them up at any moment for the fun of it…pathetic morons… so yes this is my job, no…a job only…act of presence…whatever it is called, but it is tiring.

I really didn’t need to hear her complaining about me stepping in the house with my shoes, i was late to work, my phone was just on the bleeding table, you see, i drive a bike so i need boots, and boots are not the easier thing to remove and put back especially when you are rushing for a useless stupid inescapable meeting. complaining she was not actually, she was throwing a fit, she should know how it is, but no she likes her job and she just got promoted so she gives me attitude like now she is a manager and i am still a sales executive who doesn’t know what a customer looks like. 5 years together and baam this promotion becomes a big deal…for her….not for me. nagging and nagging, i told her to fuck off and go down her pedestal, i can’t remember if i called her a bitch, i wouldn’t be surprised if i did, she was behaving like one anyway. i didn’t feel like going home right after work, i am sure she was just waiting for me to come home and nag… i think she hates her job and she wants to take it on me, yes that makes sense, she is always jealous of her friends, not a bad person but not a good one either. she is hot, or used to be, i like her, we are comfortable, sex is boring but everything gets boring after a while, did we have sex this month? uh whatever…and the all day after that she didn’t text me, neither did i as i said i never did anything wrong, so she pissed me off, who the fuck does she think she is, she should apologize or should i