inertia started all. basis. being simply, then surviving… come the basic needs of survival: food, shelter and safety which brings content… do i want to grow?

i, me, moi, ego starts to awake, i need me more than i need the others… need to create my own relationship with myself, becoming hero of my story…do i want to grow?

i have control, i own things and my destiny, i am in charge of my own self…but happiness is not there, something is missing, i evolve but yet incomplete…do i want to grow?

i understand love, i care, i give, i nurture myself and the others… i can love now, i can care, i can be kind…myself importance is relative to the one i love, i protect, it’s no more about me only…do i want to grow?

actually i am not submissive to the outside factor, they are what i want them to be, i project my inner view of the world to the outside, i feel detach when i understand that, i am not a victim anymore, my words are my wishes…do i want to grow?

there is only one of us here and there is only now, i perceive the reality of the moment, i am me here and now.. i forget about my preconception and old perception…i am feelings… can i grow ?