Long ago Earth was a swamp, we have lived so long in the swamps that it is difficult to not think of ourselves as frogs. This is the thoughts helping me to wake up in the morning, who the fuck wrote that. Read too much, forgot even more including what i haven’t read yet. I am starting my day with a negative balance, seriously, what the fuck. Get hold of yourself, remember the tasks of the day:

  • wake up somehow, sometime, late as usual
  • shower 25 mins
  • shaving 5 mins
  • teeth 5 mins

Then, go, go, go…Rammstein in the ears helps, it is the shower of my soul. The way to clean the glasses of my brain constantly covered by a grease of reality shows, game shows, J-K fucking pop, common ideas and litanies. Really? Trump. 10,000 years of civilization to do that. If they knew the Babylonians would have commit mass suicidal, thinking about it… maybe they did and we are the offspring of the one who were not responsible for progress…. That would make sense. Fuck you Babylonians, jokes on you now….

Subway, Train, Bus always the hope of catching the eyes of the one special, the type of eyes who have a secret and may tell you if you are worth it. They open the new reality to you, but the problem is the new reality doesn’t take the bus, the train or the subway. The new reality stay home searching for a new morality where humanity doesn’t need to take public transport.